Boat Diver

Think you know it all about boats? Think you know nothing? Either way this course is for you. Learn about different kinds of dive boats, boat diving procedures, and entrance/exit techniques.
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Boat Diver

The Boat Diver course teaches students all the different kinds of boats that can house divers, boat terminology and lots of other boat related facts. It prepares divers to go out on charters and be an informed customer that understands boat diving to the fullest. You'll be a knowledgeable asset to the charter crew and possibly be able to help them.

What you will learn: 
  • Dive from boats ranging from small inflatables to giant live-aboards :
  • how they differ from place to place
    gain experience and training from diving on boats in your local area

  • Safely enter and exit the water and the differing techniques depending on the vessel
  • Stow your gear in the most appropriate areas
  • Use surface lines to initiate or conclude your dives.
  • Locate basic boat safety equipment

PADI (Jr.) Open Water Diver or qualifying rating

Materials included with course: 

PADI Boat Diver manual

Equipment Required: 

Basic Scuba Gear

Whats next?: 

The Underwater Navigation course is a good compliment to the Boat Diver course.

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Open Water Dives: